Nirav's Journey

Mr. Nirav, an advocate for global wellness and societal development, is recognized for his entrepreneurial attitude that inspired him to pursue business and establish positive change instead of follow the conventional route of a government-related career.

His products are entirely natural, free of contaminants, and ecologically sound, motivated by an appreciation of organic chemistry and Ayurveda. His initial achievement in perfumery, which included uncommon chemical-free compositions, paved the way for his leadership in sustainable living.

His Legacy

His Legacy

Witness the achievements of Nirav Sharma's genius year by year

Organic Chemistry and Ayurveda

Launched 100% natural, toxin-free perfumes, deodorants, roll-ons, and air fresheners using Ayurvedic principles and organic chemistry.


Personal Care Expansion

Introduced a diverse range of natural personal care products including face wash, shower gel, soaps, and essential oils


Baby and Men’s Care

Expanded into baby care products and men’s grooming, and launched incense and devotional commodities


Home and Shoe Care

Introduced ingenious home-care products like cleaners and shoe care products, emphasizing natural and effective formulations


Health and Hygiene

Developed health and hygiene products including sanitizers, vegetable wash liquids, mosquito repellents, and hand wash solutions


Pharma & OTC

Entered the pharmaceutical sector, providing superior medications, nutritional supplements, and healthcare products to improve overall well-being.


Cattle and Dairy Care

Launched a broad range of cattle and dairy care products to ensure high health and hygiene standards for livestock


Sustainable Ventures

Ventured into organic honey production and corporate gifting solutions, stressing sustainability and innovation


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